3 Fears Plant Managers Face When Considering Digital Log

Change can be scary. In some cases, downright terrifying. Especially for operators that have been at one plant for a long time (sometimes decades). It is mostly the fear of the unknown. Concerns are usually, will this make my job harder? Will it be confusing, difficult to learn or understand? I talk with plant managers nearly everyday that know they need to move to a digital login platform. They see all of the benefits, time saved, and even acknowledge that it would help them tremendously but they are afraid that their team will push back and will not want to use it. 

What if I said that you had nothing to fear and that with a few conversations, we could help you devise a simple and smooth implementation plan to transform your old antiquated paper processes into a highly efficient digital platform? Would you have the courage to try it? Still on the fence? Let’s address 3 common fears that we hear from plant managers and supervisors.


Transition/implementation – They think it is going to be hard and take a long time.

One of the biggest and most common fears is implementation. So many plant managers have had bad experiences with getting new software installed and in use. What was promised to take a few weeks, ends up taking months or even longer. The enthusiasm has completely diminished by the time it is ready to be used and at times the software is nearly obsolete. In some cases implementation costs have also ended up being more than anticipated. All of this leaves a bad taste in the mouth for any new software to be introduced.

Have no fear! LogBook is a cloud based software that can be rolled out within days to a few weeks with no extra hardware. Our team works alongside yours to get templates built swiftly so you can get back to work. It is as easy as that. 

Adoption/Usage – They think the operators will not embrace the new process and will complain.

Plant managers have a lot on their plate. Sometimes they have a lot of plates, and they are spinning. None of them want a riot on their hands because of a new logging software. They have to choose their battles and want to keep morale high. We also understand that budgets are tight and no one wants to spend money on systems that operators will not use. If it is complicated, hard to navigate, difficult to find the data you need then it will remain untouched. It needs to be mobile friendly. 

LogBook has proven to have an extremely high adoption rate. Even operators that have been at their jobs for 30 plus years using paper and spreadsheets tell us how much they love LogBook. 

Support – they are afraid that they will be left with no support after implementation

At the end of the day, one of the biggest fears when switching to a new system, or actually doing anything new, is having no one to help you when you have a question or get lost. So many people have had bad experiences with product support after they have purchased. They are left in the cold to fend for themselves. Operators get confused or need assistance and have no one to contact or work with to get questions resolved. This in turn reduces the amount of interaction with the product and in many cases operators stop using it or try to avoid using it altogether. All the money invested goes to waste. What a horror!

At LogBook, we love to hear from our customers. Helping them succeed is our greatest joy. If you are not succeeding, we are not succeeding. So many of our features have come from our customers providing feedback and needs. Our team looks forward to joining yours in creating a more efficient operation with a streamlined digital logging process.

Interested in learning more about LogBook? Don’t be afraid to connect with us today! We will help ease your fears and concerns about going digital and help you navigate past all of the scary obstacles to success.