Communication is vital within any industry. Information must be readily available and accessible for multiple teams. Many catastrophic incidents could have been avoided with a solid communication and tracking system in place. Unfortunately, there are still inadequate, time consuming tools still being used during the shift handover process, which increases organizational risk and inefficiencies. LogBook provides a digital logbook that helps to solve this in an easy to use application that can be utilized immediately.

Your Team Could See Gains Like These

  • Increase in Productivity 77% 77%
  • Reduction In Saftey Related Incidents 83% 83%
  • Overall Efficiency Gains 97% 97%


Increase In Productivity


Reduction in Safety Related Incidents


Potential Efficiency Gains


LogBook ensures the accurate and reliable communication of task-relevant information between shifts. This increases continuity, safety, and operational excellence. Incoming personnel are able to immediately ascertain facility status so that the new operators can quickly make correct decisions and execute proper actions. LogBook is ensuring operational excellence in a variety of industries including:

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