Today, more companies are adopting what’s called “Cloud Identity Providers”. An example of one of the most common of these is Microsoft’s Azure AD, but that’s just one example, there are others.

Reasons For Choosing Cloud Identity Providers:


  • They provide one place to add or remove user access; so, companies feel a greater sense of control when adding or terminating employees.
  • They allow the company to configure authentication requirements (what must be presented to prove one’s identity), including password requirements and multi-factor requirements for authentication.
  • They serve as a single-sign-on mechanism that can allow users to login once and navigate to multiple integrated services during their session without having to login again.

Secure and Simple

The LogBook SSO Add-on allows integration with SAML2 Cloud Identity Providers, like Azure AD. Once added to your account, login for all employees within your email domain will be delegated (routed) to your Identity Provider. Additionally, your employees will be able to get to LogBook directly from their Identity Management dashboard, and, depending on the features of your Identity Management solution, you can decide who is allowed to access LogBook.

In short, it puts you in control of which users can access LogBook and allows you to control authentication requirements based on your own standards.

If you have Azure AD or another SAML2 compatible identity provider solution, contact us today about adding SSO integration to your LogBook account.

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