LogBook helps you manage and document critical processes while maintaining a simple interface that ensures consistency of documentation and compliance. Logbook is helping operating teams communicate, mitigate risks, document compliance, enhance safety and drive operational excellence in a variety of industries.


LogBook helps electric power plants operate more effectively by documenting compliance and managing NERC and FERC operating practices.


Producing chemical products from petroleum requires rigorous safety procedures, compliance, and quality control.   LogBook helps your petrochemical plant achieve operational excellence.


From just in time parts sourcing to large-scale robotic automation, it’s critical that the team standing behind the operation communicate effectively. LogBook provides a quick and easy way for manufacturing facilities to track key data related to assets under repair while managing  events and schedules.


LogBook helps logistics operations keep things straight during a hectic shift, while ensuring that critical communications are provided during the shift turnover process.


LogBook helps boiler operators maintain a safe and efficient work environment. Even the smallest of details can mean big trouble when ignored. LogBook provides an easy to use system where critical information can be stored and shared with all team members to ensure safe and smooth operation.