"LogBook has made our lives so much easier and the support you guys provide is second to none"

Plant Manager

How We Are Helping Midstream

Texas Midstream Plant Goes Digital

Deep in the heart of Texas, the oil industry is pumping an prepping petroleum products to support the country’s energy demand. It is hard and hazardous work. The operators who work day in and day out have chosen a lifestyle not for the faint of heart. In this type of environment, communication is extremely important. The passing on of information from shift to shift can be critical at times and things left unsaid can mean things left undone. 

From Paper to Mobile

Our customer was using out dated ways such as paper and pen to collect their outside readings. Many times the handwriting was hard to read or even ineligible. With LogBook’s easy to use mobile app, readings can now be done in a snap and images of issues can be captured to provide a clearer picture. This has drastically sped up the collection and sharing of information to help overall communication and collaboration. Operators have embraced this new technology and managers can now get real time data instead of waiting until the end of the day.

From Boxes To Charts

One complaint that the plant manager mentioned was how all of the data collected for readings basically went straight to a box never to be looked at again. With LogBook’s reporting tool, he is now able to create custom reports that help him use the data to make better decisions. “Being able to spot trends and dips with the quick charting tool in LogBook helps use to quickly spot areas where we need to make changes. This is helping us to communicate better and is even helping us to prevent unnecessary downtime.” He said. 

Getting Notified!

Equipment can fail from time to time. Getting notified when status changes can be critical while running the plant. LogBook’s alerts and notifications have given the plant manager a dashboard to keep a realtime look into what equipment is running, down and on standby. This is helping him to know where to focus efforts during the day and to determine what his plant can deliver. Prior to LogBook’s implementation, this was a complicated process. Communication was poor and many times guesswork came into play. LogBook has taken the guesswork out of the equation. The plant is running smoother and safer.  

Its All About The Numbers

Time is money and reaction time to issues can cost lots of both. LogBook has helped increase efficiency in preventative maintenance and helped both operators and managers identify areas where improvements can be made. Better documentation and stronger communication is continuously building a more effective team at the plant yielding higher production. 

3 Features They Love

Mobile Readings

Easily collect readings with a mobile device. Take photos of issues. Get notifications for out of range data. No internet? No problem. The mobile app allows data collection even when no service is available. 

Data Trending/Reporting

Make the most of all of the data you collect with the highly customizable reporting tool. Trend data with built in graphing. Make more informed decisions to reach your performance goals. 


Get notified when abnormal or out-of-range data is collected. Automatically trigger emails to be sent when inspections or tasks are not completed on time with the alerts and notifications features.

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