Better communication results in increased efficiency, safer operations, and a higher quality product. LogBook was designed to make collaboration easy, clear and mobile. Top tier companies are reaping the benefits of this effective platform.

Whether you are in manufacturing, energy production or just wanting to keep track of daily activities, LogBook can help you organize team communications and build stronger collaboration between shifts.

LogBook in Everyday Use

Let’s look at how LogBook helps different departments and shifts collaborate in this example where a problem is found in a pumping system: 

6 AM: Joe arrives for his shift, logs into Logbook, signs into his shift and acknowledges turnover notes from the prior shift. He notes that pressure seems abnormal in pumping system “A”. 

7 AM: Sam calls into operations indicating that a problem has been found in pumping system “A”. The pump will need to be down from 5 pm to 9 pm for repairs.

9 AM: Joe logs the problem with Pumping System A and creates a reminder that Pumping System A is to be down from 17:00 to 21:00. 

10 AM: A communication from System Dispatch is received instructing operations to start Turbine B at 11 am. 

11 AM: Joe begins the startup process for Turbine B and makes log entries as the startup process proceeds. 

12 PM: A waste water temperature alarm occurs necessitating a manual inspection and measurement. Joe dispatches Bob to do the measurement and inspection. 

1 PM: Bob is on site at the waste water station, measures temps and updates the log with his phone, indicating that there was a gauge problem but no temp problem. 

2 PM: Compliance calls and wants to know how many times in the last six months there has been a problem with any Pumping Systems at the plant. Joe runs a report, exports the info and e-mails compliance. 

Thanks to LogBook, all departments and shifts are able to communicate effectively across all devices by sending notes and reminders, updating instruction communications, and on the spot dispatching. Additionally, each department is able to log entries as they need to, and all of the information is laid out in an easy-to-understand format for quick reporting. 

Customizable for your unique operations

You can customize LogBook to fit the unique needs of your operation. You are in control of every aspect of your LogBook, from shift transition notes to reporting. Also, this electronic log will sync across all departments and devices, helping you solve problems quickly and ensuring that you are prepared in the event of an emergency. 

Tackle shift confusion. Uphold operational excellence at your facility. Stay informed on each department in your facility and have the documentation to prove you’re staying ahead of any problems that arise. 

With Logbook, it’s handled.


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“LogBook has changed the way we operate for the better. It has streamlined our communicationa dn made our operation safer and more efficient. My team loves it!”


Weld 1 Manager, Top Tier Automotive Manufacturer