"LogBook has enhanced our overall operational awareness to help make our plant safer.""

Plant Manager

How We Are Helping Petrochemical Plants

As a petrochemical plant operator, you intuitively understand the parameters and risks involved with your daily operations; major problems can occur if strict protocols aren’t followed, whether to the environment, your employee base or your bottom line.

In the moment of a crisis, regulatory agencies come knocking: the EPA, The American Petroleum Institute, and the Department of Homeland Security all expect strict compliance to mitigate risks to the environment and consumers. 

The Petroleum Sector (NAICS 324) of the EPA defines the compliance and quality control factors involved with the petrochemical industry. A quick look at the resource webpage shows that they mean business — and you should, too.

Logbook, the gold standard for digital logs, ensures you’re following protocol and maintaining the caliber of compliance required to keep operations running smoothly.

Logbook, Perfect for Petrochemical Plants

From greenhouse gases to refinery regulations, there are numerous compliance standards you must adhere to as a petrochemical plant operator. 

Thankfully, with Logbook, you’re able to access, document and comply with operational standards. Because Logbook is a digital software platform, your logs sync across all devices, including phone, tablet and computer, seamlessly. Access your Logbook at any time, in the office or onsite. It’s always available and always at your fingertips.

Customized To Your Plant

We didn’t reinvent the wheel with Logbook. Instead, we created our digital platform to mirror your current paperwork. The beauty of Logbook is that it’s customizable to the way you work: establish equipment parameters, require sign-off between shifts, and perform preventative maintenance — all within the software. Your log template is fully optimized to your organization, down to the minutiae. 

With Logbook, it’s easy to:

  • Simplify turnover notes. A lot of things can fall through the cracks during a shift transition. Have your notes ready for the next shift with Logbook. (And require a sign-off, too.)
  • Audit your operations. With Logbook, you have an audit trail of all changes made within the platform, so you’re aware of everything and can make decisions accordingly. 
  • Do preventative maintenance. The time to act is not during an equipment failure. It’s before. Logbook shows you an exhaustive history of your equipment parameters, so you can see when something isn’t adding up.
  • Modernize your paperwork. All notes, templates and information is housed within Logbook, so you don’t have to keep up with piles and piles of paperwork.
  • Communicate with your departments. Because Logbook is accessible to everyone in your company, everyone is in the loop, across all devices. 

Logbook on Mobile

We get it: you’re not in front of a computer all day at your facility. With our dedicated mobile app, you’re still able to access your templates, and even document issues or concerns onsite.

Our mobile app offers:

  • Geolocation tagging
  • Onsite photo capture
  • Voice dictation
  • Offline note-taking (if you’re in a location without internet access)
  • Signature sign-off and approval
  • And more

Your daily operations take you everywhere — onsite and off. Keep up to date on your operations with the mobile app. 

Logbook: Your Petrochemical Plant, Optimized

In the event of an emergency (or when a regulatory agency calls), you need to be sure you’re up to date on your compliance and quality control (with the documentation to prove it). With an electronic log, you’re able to prove you’re upholding a culture of operational excellence. 

Logbook allows your organization to stay one step of your operations, mitigating problems before they arise, ensuring that your employees, the environment, and your bottom line are thriving.

Want to learn more about Logbook for your petrochemical plant? Give us a call at 205-413-8298, send us an email at info@trylogbook.com or visit our website at trylogbook.com!