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Mobile Data is the Future of Industry.

Collect accurate, real-time data.

Mobile data helps you to be faster, more efficient and more productive.

That’s why we created EVIDENT. This mobile data collection and collaboration app provides an easy way to quickly capture notes and images that are directly sent to your log in the cloud. No Internet connection? No problem. This native mobile app can collect notes and images and store them until connection is reestablished.


Easily record important notes throughout the day with Evident. This easy to use mobile app is a must have for all industries that do any type of periodic inspection.


Capture photos and attach them to your notes. Share them with the team to provide a clearer picture.


Sync your notes, photos, and inspections directly into LogBook. Now everything is in one place and easy to find.


“Evident is revolutionizing the way daily rounds and inspections take place.”

 With the power of LogBook in the background storing and managing the data, team members can collaborate faster and more effectively.

In the past rounds were collected with paper logbooks on clipboards and in some cases information was just verbally transferred. In today’s environment, regulatory organizations require thorough documentation for Preventative Maintenance(PM) and other critical inspections and that prevent operational failure and reduce risk.

Evident is the answer to providing instant and vital information to ensure your operation is running smoothly as well as assist to mitigate risk throughout processes.


Who is it for?

Evident is a vital tool for anyone needing to collect information and store it for later review. This would include: Manufacturing, Energy production and transmission, transportation, warehouse operations, logistics, building and construction, petrochemical and more.

mobile data collection and collaboration app




Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.4

Samsung Galaxy Active3

Lenovo Smart Tab M8


Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

Lenovo Tab P11 Pro



All devices that support the latest OS are supported