LogBook offers a Relay Module that can be integrated with your current on-premise systems to automatically transfer important messages directly into your logs.  Professionally installed by our expert team, this relay can be scripted to automatically deliver important messages to your logs.

It’s common for our customers to have local systems that are core to their operations: real-time plant control systems, communications systems and more. Whether it’s Alarms and Event (A&E) messages from OPC Servers or information that appears in your database servers, or even completely custom systems with important information, we can develop scripts that will automatically detect and relay that information as log entries into your LogBook logs from these systems.

The larger the operation, the more complex the data can become. Knowing how assets are performing and when alerts happen can be the difference between a good day and an incident. We have engineered a solution that enables LogBook to seamlessly integrate with your plant’s or operation’s asset systems to give you a complete picture within your logs. This gives operators critical data in real-time to make informed decisions that keep the operation running safely and efficiently.

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