LogBook offers a Relay Module that can facilitate the addition of automated Notes into your LogBook Logs.  The LogBook Relay is a system that runs in LogBook’s secure cloud environment and provides a secure way for messages to be transferred and transformed into LogBook Logs.

Scripts are written that extract data from your on premise systems (e.g., historians, control systems, databases, etc.).  These scripts write message files in LogBook’s message format, which is a simple JSON document format that is described in detail in the LogBook Relay  Programmer’s Manual.  Message files are then sent to the LogBook Relay via SFTP, using secure SSH keys and IP whitelisting.

The LogBook Relay processes these message files and transforms incoming messages into Notes inside your target Log.  The LogBook Relay protects your Log by ensuring that incoming messages are properly formatted, in addition to numerous other controls and protections for your Log.

With the LogBook Relay, one can design various types of acknowledgement and/or notification controls to ensure that Log Users see and confirm automatically added Notes. 

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Things to consider when using a data relay.