Ensuring that your manufacturing facility follows compliance standards promises that operations are running smoothly and all protocols are upheld.

Depending on what your organization manufactures, you could face fierce regulations from the EPA, FDA, the SEC and others. In order to stay one step ahead and mitigate risks to your employee workforce or bottom line, it is absolutely crucial to document and track all key data related to your organization.

 Managing Your Manufacturing with Logbook

There’s a wide range of compliance areas that directly (or indirectly) affects manufacturers. These can include:

  • Employee wellbeing 
  • Environmental impact and safety
  • Product safety
  • Data protection 
  • IT security

Logbook simplifies your documentation process. With Logbook, you can access, document and comply with operational standards seamlessly and across all devices, including phone, tablet and desktop computer. Anyone in your organization can access your Logbook software at any time. 

The beauty of Logbook is that it’s fully customizable around your unique operations. Top down, you’re in control of your Logbook, from collecting shift transition notes to requiring a completion sign-off by a supervisor. Your industry is unique and requires an innovative approach, so why shouldn’t your documentation?

With Logbook, you can:

  • Establish preventative maintenance. The best defense is a good offense. Stay on track with Logbook. 


  • Record and audit operations. Your operational records are securely housed within Logbook, and all changes to logs are recorded through the Audit Trail. 


  • Transition through shifts seamlessly. Shift transitions can be difficult. Logbook simplifies this process, ensuring no vital information is dropped in the handoff. 
  • Communicate across all departments and devices. Across all devices and departments, everyone is in the loop with Logbook. 
  • Eliminate paper trails. Logbook provides one hub for all your information, laid out in a way you understand. So long paper logs!



Built By You, Built For You

Logbook is the answer for your manufacturing facility recordkeeping. All parts of your operation, down to the minutiae, can be recorded on Logbook. Assign templates by employee, create equipment parameters, and even push out reminders to your team (that require sign-off before moving forward): everything is intuitive and documented within your LogBook .

Plus, Logbook is mobile-friendly! Our dedicated mobile app offers:

  • Voice dictation
  • Geolocation tagging
  • Onsite photo capture
  • Offline note-taking

Logbook is today’s answer for manufacturing documentation. Experience mobile-friendly design, audit trails, file attachment, signature sign-offs, log templates, and much more with Logbook.

Your Log, Modernized

An electronic log, synced across all departments and devices, ensures that you’re prepared in the event of an emergency (or when a regulatory agency comes knocking). 

Eliminate confusion between shifts. Uphold a standard of excellence in your industry. Stay informed on each department in your facility and have the documentation to prove it.

With Logbook, you’re covered.


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