Digital Logbook Software

Build Stronger Communication and Collaboration

LogBook gives you the platform to keep your team in the loop on what’s going on in your operation. Clearer communication ensures a safer more efficient operation.

Helps Better Manage Shift Work

It is vital that information is passed from shift to shift to ensure that your operation runs smoothly. LogBook provides notifications to oncoming shift workers to keep them up to date on what happened on the previous shift. This keeps information from falling through he cracks.

Security Log Book
Digital Log Book Software

Assists with Compliance Requirements

Operations are held to compliance standards of safety, security, and quality. LogBook was built to be the repository for your operational records. It helps you stay organized and prepared in the event of an audit.

Quick Insights Into Operational Data

Not only does LogBook provide a place to record and store your data, it helps you make sense of it all. Quickly plot graphs of data collected over time to benchmark trends and troubleshoot issues.

Operations Logbook Software
Digital Logbooks

Eliminate Paper Logs and Spreadsheets

LogBook allows you to harness the power of technology to eliminate the need for cumbersome paper logs and complex spreadsheets. Now you can even use your mobile device to collect operational notes and inspections to sync directly into LogBook.