Warehouse Operations

Warehouse operations are complex and have many moving parts. Inventory is imported, exported and returned, all of which requires significant manpower to complete. In order to keep things running smoothly, you must ensure you’re tracking your activities to improve safety, visibility and communication: all critical components of a successful warehouse facility.

If you don’t, you can expect:

  • Significant damage to products, equipment or employees
  • Higher premiums for employee insurance and liability coverage
  • Halt or major slowdown of products in and out of the facility

With Logbook, you’re always one step ahead. Logbook simplifies your documentation process, allowing you to understand the minor details of turnover between shifts, any problems current or expected, and responsibilities related to your employee base.

Attain Key Consistency with Logbook

As a warehouse operator, you’re aware of the financial devastation that an emergency can cause to your bottom line. Additionally, various warehouse regulatory agencies, like OSHA or the FDA, can come knocking if your warehouse isn’t following protocol for employee safety. 

With Logbook, you’re able to keep all key members of your organization on the same page through a digital platform that syncs across all devices, including phone, tablet and computer. Logbook’s log templates are fully customizable to your unique operations, down to the nitty-gritty (plus, you can require sign-off to ensure things are being completed). 

Logbook allows you to:

  • Communicate across departments. In a warehouse, communication is absolutely imperative. Logbook makes it easy.
  • Audit and record your operations. The Audit Trail keeps a log of any edits made to your templates, keeping your operations in check.
  • Increase (or create) preventative maintenance. With Logbook, you can establish equipment or product parameters, so you can see when numbers aren’t adding up — and rectify it swiftly.
  • Transition through turnovers. Shift transitions can leave crucial data in limbo. Track all shift turnover notes in Logbook.
  • Phase out paper trails. With Logbook, all information related to your operations is housed within the software. One hub, accessible to everyone.

Built Around How You Work Best

We get it: we don’t want to learn new software either. Thankfully, with Logbook, you’re able to work exactly how you’ve been — with the added benefit of electronic documentation every step of the way.

Logbook is a perfect complement to your warehouse operations. We designed the software to make collaboration easy, clear and mobile. Assign templates by employee, push out reminders to specific members of the team and turnover notes between shifts, and even create equipment parameters.

Communication is simplified, increasing efficiency and lowering risk and liability.

Plus, we have even a mobile app, perfect for when you’re offsite!

The mobile app offers:

  • Onsite photo capture
  • Geolocation tagging
  • Signature sign-off and approval
  • Voice dictation
  • Offline note-taking  
  • And more

With Logbook, experience mobile-first design, reminders and notifications, log templates, tagging, shift handover notes, audit trails, file attachments, data export and much more. All at the click of a button. 

Modernize Your Operations with Logbook

In a warehouse facility, major emergencies are just around the corner. Stay ahead through digital documentation of all communications between shifts. When you track your activities and document them thoroughly, you’re able to foresee potential problems and minimize them before they cause issues to your workforce or financial wellbeing. 

Logbook has you covered so you can focus on building your warehouse and keeping operations running smoothly. 


Need help deciding if Logbook works for your warehouse? Give us a call at 205-413-8298, email us at info@trylogbook.com or visit our website at trylogbook.com.