Logistics Logbook

Logistic operations depend on efficiency in order to turn a profit and keep expenses low. However, as operators know, information and processes can be upturned during a hectic shift, so communication between departments is absolutely crucial.

But this communication may fall through the cracks during the shift turnover process. In order to stay up to date on your operational standards, you’ll need to stay proactive, documenting processes as they occur, and critical communications are disseminated across departments.

How do you do that?

Choose Logbook For Your Logistics

Logbook offers intuitive features that seamlessly integrate with your current processes. With Logbook, you’re able to access, document and comply with operational standards set forth by your organization.

The great thing about Logbook is that it’s fully customizable to your organization. Logbook’s templates can be customized to how your specific organization uniquely operates. No need to reinvent the wheel when Logbook can mirror how you operate, while providing superior documentation; access across all devices, including phone, tablet and computer; and mitigate risks related to your industry. 

With Logbook, you’re able to:

  • Set reminders and notifications. Ensure shift operators are aware of the tasks and events that affect your operations while on duty.  
  • Create customizable log templates. Model your log entries to mirror common activities like startup and shutdown of critical systems.
  • Export data for reporting. Export log content for your archives, charts and audit inquiries. 
  • Configure shift handover notes. Set up shift roles and create requirements for handover note acknowledgment. 
  • Track audit trails. Record all changes, big and small, to your Logbook. 

Go Mobile with Logbook

Get rid of paper with out new mobile app. With our  mobile app you can document and access your log offsite! Logbook was created with mobile in mind; it’s simple, intuitive dashboard was designed for rapid implementation.

Our mobile app offers:

  • Signature sign-off and approval
  • Voice dictation
  • Geolocation tagging
  • Offline note-taking  

If you’re caught in an offsite location with no internet service, you’re able to store your notes within the app, so they sync next time you have service (or in wifi). No loss of crucial information because you’re in a remote location!

Your Logistics, Modernized with Logbook

Logbook, with its digital-based platform, is a perfect companion for your logistics operation. Ensure not only that you’re complying with operational standards but keep up to date with crucial information that could get lost in a hectic shift. 

With Logbook, you’re prepared in the event of an emergency. Mitigate confusion during handovers, uphold a standard of excellence in your organization and stay informed every step of the way. Logbook makes it possible.

Thinking about using Logbook for your logistics? We’d love to talk to you! Give us a call at 205-413-8298, email us at info@trylogbook.com or check out our website at trylogbook.com!