Getting Rounds Done Faster

Taking Collaboration To A Whole New Level

Do you work in a plant or facility where there are ongoing rounds that must be done? Does it take a long time? Do you have multiple operators? Wouldn’t it be good if you could get these activities completed timely, quickly and accurately?

The problem many have is that they can’t collaborate on rounds. Why? Because of the way they document observations and findings. Many record their rounds on printed, paper forms on clipboards or notebooks, others use spreadsheets, and finally some use operational record keeping software, often known as log book software, that doesn’t allow them to collaborate on specific activities.

Let’s take a typical example that we run into. It’s an electric generation plant, or maybe a midstream gas plant. They typically are required to perform daily or even per-shift rounds. Often, they have either duplicate or nearly duplicate systems, let’s say generating units or cryogenic units that must all be inspected. We find that, almost always, one outside operator is tasked with a given type of walkdown or rounds they must perform, even if more than one outside operator is available and could help get the task done more quickly. But, the job is left to one unlucky person, who has to do the whole thing.

The consequence of this is that it takes longer than it might otherwise have to take, slowing down the flow of information back to the control room or shift supervisor, if anything adverse is observed/reported.

If this scenario is familiar to you, you should check out LogBook. Our field data collection mobile application, LogBook Evident, which runs natively on iOS or Android devices, allows operators to collaborate on rounds – even if they are offline and can’t maintain a connection to their network during the rounds. LogBook provides the technology to allow this to occur, and our customers enjoy getting rounds done faster and resolving observed issues faster.

The result? More operations bandwidth, faster mitigation of identified issues and a better run plant.

Contact us today to see what LogBook and our mobile field data collection app, Evident could be doing to improve your operation right now.