3 Pains Electronic Logs Relieve

It’s something that has to be done everyday; Taking notes about your operation. While there are many ways to do this, like pen and paper, sticky notes, excel docs, verbal communication and hand gestures, everyone wants a system that will keep their team in the know and ops running smoothly. If you or someone you know is struggling in this area, hang in there! I am about to share some good news on 3 pains electronic logs relieve. 

The Problem:

Antiquated communication system. Weak turnover process from shift to shift. Frequent downtime. Unreadable Notes. Poor Tracking. No Trending. No Notifications. Hard to search for and through notes. Limited storage and maintenance of notes.

The Goal:

Create a more efficient, fully aware team that collects relevant data throughout the plant resulting in a streamlined operation that is running safely and smoothly.

How It’s Made Better With Electronic Logs:

Most plant managers have a strong desire to make their plant better than the way they found it. They assess the issues at hand and search for a reasonable solution to make life better for their operators and in turn themselves. They have every intention of implementing new and better systems where everyone lives happily ever after. But sometimes the fear of change or pushback from operators stalls their efforts and the old ways live on. Electronic logs can actually be implemented within days and buy in from operators is actually very high. So, let’s mitigate some of those pains we were mentioning!

3 Pains Electronic Logs Relieve:


Trying to run a highly efficient operation is not easy. Depending on the size and scope, keeping track of things can be a challenge. Electronic logs, like LogBook, creates more efficient employees by eliminating paper logs,  spreadsheets and antiquated systems that actually slow communication down at times. When your team is communicating they are working more efficiently. Things get done and less falls through the cracks.


Electronic logs can ensure a safer workplace and reduce risk through real time communication. The entire team can see notes as soon as they are made. They can be alerted when abnormal conditions are captured and notifications can be sent to their email when they need to be made aware of specific information. Turnover notes keep shifts in the know of important occurrences that happened in the previous shift that might affect them. Carry forward notes keep specified notes top of mind until they are attended to. 


While it may not be the favorite word of the day, it is something we must keep top of mind throughout each year; compliance. It can become stressful during audit season, but it doesn’t have to be anymore. Electronic logs like LogBook provide a robust reporting tool that allows you to generate simple or extremely detailed reports from all the data collected over the year. No more stressing over meeting compliance requirements. Systems like LogBook let you customize templates to collect the data you need then build and save your custom report to share with the compliance team. Looking for a note from early last year or maybe even many years ago? It can be found in seconds with LogBook! 

Summing it all up.

Electronic logs,,,

Create more efficient employees and eliminate paper logs and spreadsheets.

Ensures a safer workplace and reduces risks through real time communication, providing better oversight of plant operations while reducing surprises and increasing operational awareness.

Reduces compliance problems and better prepares you for onsite audits.

There are certainly more than 3 pains electronic logs relieve but we will let you find that out for yourself. Go to trylogbook.com to learn more!