5 Reasons To Consider A Digital, Cloud-Based Logbook

Everyday I speak to people that are using paper or spreadsheets for documenting operational notes and even inspection data. Nearly all of them admit that these processes are antiquated and inefficient in most cases. They express their frustration about poor shift communication and lack of visibility into day to day activities. In many instances key information is left out and not passed along to the next shift. They have no mechanism to capture images of issues either. 

I am always excited to share the good news about how a digital cloud based LogBook can remedy these numerous challenges. Below are just a few reasons one should consider ditching the paper and spreadsheets, and possibly on premise solutions and go to a modern secured cloud solution for logging.

-Easy to implement – A fear for many plant managers when it comes to implementing software is the pain of implementing. They are concerned that it will drag on and take much longer than anticipated and become a burden rather than a blessing. A cloud-based solution like LogBook can be implemented within hours to days. Not weeks, months or years. The fact is, a user could begin logging data immediately in LogBook if they desired. 

Easy to use – Complexity is another common fear when it comes to software. “Will my operators be able to use it?” is a frequently asked question. Many systems are overly capable but too complex for users to execute. If it is difficult to navigate and use, it goes to waste and sometimes causes even more frustration. A cloud solution should be as easy to use as texting through your phone. 

Your data is always available – In most cases, the data being collected each day is highly important for compliance purposes and losing it would not be good. With a well built cloud based software, your data is backed up regularly and securely stored in multiple locations to ensure that it is always available whenever you need it.

Trending – Many operators collect readings on equipment and machines throughout the day. Recording this on paper can seem futile because the data collected is rarely looked at again after it is collected. A cloud based system like LogBook, has a built in feature that allows you to quickly and easily trend the data that has been collected providing a clearer picture of opportunities for improvement and efficiency. 

Mobile technology– Speaking of readings and rounds, a modern digital logbook like LogBook provides operators with the opportunity to utilize mobile devices to capture not only the readings data but also images of issues observed during walkdowns or rounds. As they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words!” Once the data is collected it can be immediately synced to the cloud. Where it can be shared with the team immediately.

As I mentioned before, these are just a few examples of benefits that a digital cloud based software can provide. Still have questions? Connect with us or schedule a quick call. We love hearing from you and would be happy to address any questions or concerns you have.