So Much To Be Thankful For

With all that has transpired over the past few years it is easy to lose sight of some of the great things around us. Life has been altered, possibly forever and for many the future seems hazy and unclear. At LogBook, we are excited about what the future holds and we are striving everyday to provide the best operational log available. We are grateful for the ones who have made it possible for us to become successful…our customers. 

I am also thankful for our team that works hard everyday to build and maintain our product. Software doesn’t just happen. It takes a team with vision working to fulfill a need through a well designed process. With that said, I thought I would give you a peek into how a product like LogBook came to be. 

3 Elements To An Effective LogBook

The Team

Doozer Software Inc. has been building custom software for over 24 years for a wide range of industries, including Energy, Manufacturing, Finance, Healthcare, Education, and many others. The founders had a vision to provide the best software service possible. Our team is composed of some of the brightest minds focused on one common get software done! That “get it done” culture has produced successful solutions for our customers for decades. Our sales team is service oriented and seeks to align the right customer to our products and services. We love solving problems and helping people.

The Need

Over the years, we discovered a strong need for a more efficient method to collect operational data at facilities throughout the country. Current methods like paper, spreadsheets, and homegrown solutions were arduous and frustrating. Many times the data collected was difficult to read or incomplete. Finding specific data quickly was nearly impossible. Another part of that need was collecting inspection data. Paper rounds would have to be transposed to a digital format and in most cases was not even used. We had a continuous request to solve this dilemma. Building custom software for each client would be time intensive and expensive. A cloud-based electronic logbook was needed.

The Solution

“If it isn’t easy, operators won’t use it.” This is a phrase I hear all too often. This is also something we have kept in mind during our ongoing build process of LogBook. It must be user friendly, easy to navigate and easy to use for the operators. Sometimes making something easy to use can be harder to build. We have taken feedback from our customers and plant managers in the field and utilized their knowledge and experience to create a tool that is used everyday throughout the country in complex operational environments. We focus on 4 key areas to improve upon: Efficiency, Safety, Awareness, and Compliance. LogBook is helping companies operate safer and smoother through better communication. 

Our team would like to wish you a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving Season!

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