Alligator in parking lot!…and other facility issues. What do you do?


Ever stumbled onto a plant issue? What did you do? How about an alligator in the parking lot? 

That may not be likely at your location, but we’re sure you observe issues routinely when out and about in your facility.

Here’s what some do.

In every industrial facility there are reams of issues. Sometimes they are found on structured Rounds or Walkdowns of the facility. Sometimes they are just randomly encountered.

A phrase often used these days is, “See something? Say something!” Here, it means that when you observe something that needs attention, document it right away. Doing so can save untold misery and cost due to: downtime, accidents, environmental violations, injuries and more. These undesirable consequences are best avoided by capturing issues immediately and having a practice of reviewing and dealing with them.

Yet, too often, there is no quick, easy, convenient way to do so. Modern electronic log books can help, and here’s how.


Create a template (form) to document any facility issue one might observe. Set it up to capture the area where the problem was observed, a severity indicator (how urgently is a resolution needed?), perhaps adding a gross effort/cost estimation or some type of indication of the potential risk it poses, some descriptive text, and possibly some tags to differentiate certain types of common issues. You’ll also likely want a Status indicator so that you can keep track of whether the issue remains or has been resolved. However, the main thing is to have a handy way to add photo documentation about the issue.


Use your template with a mobile application that allows a quick, secure way to capture any issue one might notice in order to send it into your logbook.


Create some reports that make it easy to review your identified issues.


Add triggering that will immediately notify appropriate personnel about Emergency, Critical, High Risk or perhaps certain types of issues.

With the above simple steps you can save a ton of heartache by having a handy way to document issues or problems at the moment they are observed. You’ll save money and avoid future hassle by dealing with small issues before they become big ones, and you’ll contribute to a better run facility.

You might be wondering how hard it would be to do something like this? How long might it take? How much might it cost? The answer to those questions depends on the technology you have. If you already have a modern logbook, consider implementing these features with it. But, if you don’t, you should definitely get one.

With LogBook, our customers enjoy the benefit of easily documenting issues in their facilities. You can do all this with very little, if any, capital cost and only a modest monthly fee for use, and you can start today. Contact us today for a more detailed demo, or to simply subscribe to our service and get started.