Boiler Operator

Safety is of the utmost concern for boiler operators. As the gatekeeper for the safety of your system, you understand that even the most minor of errors can spell disaster to your facility and unfortunately, your team. 

Over time, improvement in design and control systems have made boiler systems more efficient and safer. However, good design does not mean compliance standards should be ignored. In fact, better improvement and control factors generally mean more to keep up with; therefore, recurring maintenance and inspection is absolutely critical for the upkeep of your systems.

How do you navigate changing expectations and operational compliance? With Logbook, it’s simple.

Better Boiler Operation with Logbook

Logbook is a digital software that syncs across all devices, including desktop, phone and tablet.  With Logbook, you’re able to document, access and comply with operational standards anywhere and at any time. Even on mobile! (We’ll get to this in a second.) 

The beauty of Logbook is that you can customize a log template to fit your unique operations. Every piece of critical information, down to the smallest detail, is housed within the platform, from shift handover notes to equipment parameters and supervisor sign-offs. 

As a boiler operator, you experience daily challenges specific to your industry. Store vital information, share it across departments, and ensure safe and smooth operation all with Logbook.

Logbook’s Benefits

With Logbook, you can:

  • Record operations and parameters. As we’ve discussed, it’s crucial to document all operations related to boiler safety. Logbook makes this simple. 
  • Communicate key information. Anyone in your organization can access Logbook on any device, so communication is simplified and cohesive.
  • Perform preventative maintenance. Safety is in the details. Build out trend analysis reports and export log entries for reporting. 
  • Streamline shift handoffs. Shift transitions can spell disaster if notes aren’t delivered and followed. Handover notes are stored in Logbook and require acknowledgement before proceeding.
  • Modernize paperwork. Because Logbook is a digital platform, there’s no need for paper trails. Everything is housed within the platform — accessible at any time. 

Built Around Your Boiler System

Logbook alleviates the need for paper documentation. All parts of your boiler operation, even the minor details, are recorded and accessible on Logbook. 

Model log entries for common activities (like the start and shutdown of critical systems), tag entries for indexing, export logs for reporting and even set recurring reminders to ensure shift operators are aware of changes made between shifts. With Logbook, every crucial part of your boiler operation is handled, seamlessly and across devices. 

We even offer a mobile app! Our mobile app offers:

  • Voice dictation
  • Onsite photo capture
  • Offline note-taking  
  • Geolocation tagging
  • Signature approval and sign-off
  • And more

Logbook is boiler operation made modern. Experience audit trails, file attachments, mobile-first design, shift handover notes and more with Logbook.

Your Log, Made Better with Logbook

One minor error can cause significant damage to your employees or facility. Therefore, it is increasingly crucial to be prepared in the event of an emergency. With Logbook, you’re able to document all processes and information within the platform, ensure all protocols are being met and followed precisely and communicate with key members of your organization so everyone is on the same page.

With Logbook, your boiler operation is streamlined.


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