Epstein Prison Guards Arrested For Falsifying Records

It’s in the news today. Instead of doing their rounds, guards that were to be checking on inmates every 30 minutes did not do their job and instead falsified records saying that they did do their job. 

So, why are we commenting on this?

Consider this: Are your rounds actually being done? How do you know?

It’s a simple question. We all want to think the best of our teammates. But, as we’ve mentioned before and reiterate, operational roles can become routine. Fatigue sets in.

Without accountability and a way to verify activities, how can you really know?

After the fact, can someone create a false entry in your logbook? Can they erase something they don’t want to show up? Do you have an evidence regarding whether rounds were truly done, versus someone faking the data entry without truly doing the rounds?

If you aren’t 100% sure whether your operating record can withstand scrutiny, you’re probably at risk.

Thankfully, it’s not every day that a high-profile death occurs on someone’s watch. Still, many operations have serious risks, should the operating team neglect their duties. Tools that help hold everyone accountable are good thing, not a bad thing. When people know that supervision can tell whether they are doing their job appropriately, things tend to get done.

Let’s take a typical set of rounds for a plant. One way it’s often done is to fill out a form on a clipboard that might look something like this:

If you are lucky, you can read the content. However, you have no idea whether the person that entered the content did so while walking around the plant. It’s possible that on a cold, rainy day in January it was just more comfortable to do it from the warm boiler room.

However, modern tools for doing rounds allow the rounds to be collected with tablets. This is not only more convenient for the data entry, it allows discrete metrics to be captured digitally, which means they can be far more useful – searches, charts, reports, exports all become available. Adding pictures and video also becomes possible.

But, another key thing that becomes possible is accountability. These devices can keep track of where the person doing the rounds is when data is captured. Those captured locations can easily be shown on a map. So, it’s no longer easy to fake it.



And anytime you want: VERIFY IT

As you can see above, modern technologies can make it easier to create your operating record, and in the process unlock a wealth of capabilities that have previously been impossible – including a way to know whether your rounds are being done.

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