We perceived a different world prior to 9/11, but we were harshly awakened to a new reality that day. America is not Mayberry RFD any longer. Some things changed quickly: TSA, the department of Homeland Security, Physical cockpit security on airplanes, but in other areas we’re still evolving and adjusting to the new normal. One area that has been overlooked is keeping better visitor records at important facilities. There are easy and affordable solutions that will improve and enhance your visitor records.

Consider these. What happens if there’s an emergency at your facility? Do you know who the visitors are that are there? Can you identify them, visually? What happens if there’s a security incident at your facility? Can you visually identify all the people who visited you over a given timeframe? And, God forbid, what happens if someone with malicious intent visits your facility? How would you be able to respond if someone from Homeland Security asked whether a given person has visited your facility? Could you offer photo-evidence of the visitors?

The good news is that there are a number of ways to improve the situation. A digital visitor log can be implemented quickly and at a relatively low cost.  It’s easy to add a low cost wireless tablet to all your doors/ingress-egress points.  A simple cloud based service can retain all your visits, easily keep photos of your visitors and retain the responsible employees who escort the visitor both in and out of the facility.

So, as we reflect on the heroism of the first responders and so many affected on 9/11, let us redouble our efforts to improve the safety and security of our infrastructure and hard working employees. See what LogBook Sentinel and the entire suite of LogBook products can do for your facility today.