As a disruptor and leader in the LogBook and Mobile Inspection solution industry, we are sometimes asked why our solution is Cloud Based. To truly understand it, you have to consider where the future of business solutions is going. The following important observations and considerations are from the “2018 SaaS Industry Market Report: Key Global Trends & Growth Forecasts”.

The first point made is an eye opener and here it is:

The point to the above graphic is that SaaS is a major wave of transformation being adopted worldwide – not some outlier. While some may be unsure about relying on Cloud solutions, many are finding the value proposition simply irresistible.

An obvious question is, “why do companies decide to rely on SaaS solutions?” Here, there is no single answer. Rather, there are a lot of important benefits that create a preponderance of benefits one reaps when doing so.

Here are 10 simple reasons companies are shifting their operations to the cloud:

  1. It costs less compared to their legacy systems
  2. It cuts their operational costs
  3. It enables them to maintain a consistent working process
  4. It enables collaboration in large and decentralized teams
  5. It saves the time needed for setup and training
  6. It facilitates access to data
  7. It is mobile-optimized, and independent from the devices they’re using
  8. It becomes easier to connect applications with each other
  9. It reduces (or eliminates) the burden of upgrading, maintenance, and safeguarding data
  10. It keeps them in line with trends

Clearly, there’s a lot to like about SaaS solutions.

If you’re not on-board with this line of thinking, yet, you will be soon. Here are some compelling indicators of where the market is going.

What about security? That’s a great question. The facts reveal that it is data security that drives enterprises out of their comfortable, local hosting shells. With SaaS, your data resides in a protected realm that is overseen by a qualified team of professionals, using robust methods that are beyond the scope of most in-house IT teams. Just think about it, seriously. Is it likely that small-to-medium sized operations can maintain a staff to adequately provide solid backups, hot standby failover systems, redundancy in multiple cities, scalability, life cycle management and disaster recovery plans more cost effectively, or even more competently than a professional team that builds and deploys the technology? No, it is not.

Now, that’s not to say that large enterprises don’t have great teams, governance procedures and budgets to protect their systems. They do. But even those teams are finding that despite their capacity to pay on-premise prices and deal with complex installations and updates, SaaS offerings provide too many benefits to ignore.

One of those benefits that customers are finding is that a SaaS solution evolves at a pace that on-premise solutions simply can’t. The vendor has complete control over its service experience and can adopt a continuous improvement plan that will never be matched by on-premise solutions.

Better up-time; Better security; Global access; Easier use and adoption; Valuable feature and benefit gains to users faster; API extensibility; All, in a more cost effective package. Resist if you must, but in the end remember this quote from Star Trek: “Resistance is futile.”

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