Catching Up Is Hard To Do

What happened while I’ve been away? This is a question that has probably been asked by more people recently than in previous years. The pandemic has required many operators and supervisors to be away from their operations due to safety protocols, staggered shifts, etc. Catching up with events that happened while you were away can be difficult and frustrating. So what can be done to help with situational awareness

Paper logs and even spreadsheets can only reach so far. Sticky notes don’t work too well either. These methods are rarely connected to the context and are difficult to string together to provide a clear picture of what has happened. They also do not have mechanisms in place to notify or alert operators and supervisors of important occurrences. 

A digital logging system provides several advantages that help you stay in the know and bring you back in the know.

  • Access it anywhere: Digital logging systems should allow you to access your team operational records remotely. 
  • Get notified: A good system should provide notifications when abnormal values are collected or concerning events are observed. 
  • Search and Find: A quick and easy search tool should be available and help you find those notes you are looking for.
  • Reports: Having an easy to read and understand report makes all of the difference when you have been away. It brings the necessary information together, providing a clear picture of what happened.

Being out of the office does not have to mean out of touch.

Your normal daily routine on site may look a little like this: You get to work and meet with the team. You chat about what happened with the previous shift over a cup of coffee or your pick up the log book and muddle your way through the previous shifts notes. You may even have a supervisor give you a rundown on what happened and give you a heads up on things to look out for or take care of. 

If you are working from home this is not the case. Without a digital way to read or see what is happening, you may have to rely on audible communications or wait until you are back in the office. Even if you are in the office, contact with others may be more limited and those face to face chats may not happen as often. A digital log can be the bridge of communication that keeps all team members situationally aware and reduces potential risks. 

Stay in the know with a system like LogBook. It provides an easy to use dashboard with all of the bells and whistles that you need to keep you alert and aware without all of the clutter and noise. Alerts and notifications make sure that your team can take action when issues arise and the easy to read reporting provides insight to help prevent potential safety hazards or production snags. Visit to learn more.