It’s that time of the year when we reflect on all of the things that we are thankful for. During this season of reflection, we are grateful for all of our customers across the country that have helped us to become the best electronic logging software available today. Their input and ideas have challenged us as well as guided us into the future. With that said, we have heard wonderful stories of how LogBook has helped to make operations run smoother through better communication and increased visibility into daily operations.

Some things To Be Thankful For

Midstream Gas Plant:

 The Dilemma: Readings were being collected on paper. This was not only time consuming but data was often difficult to read and trend.

Something To Be Thankful For: With LogBook’s mobile app, Evident, Operators have now been able to collect readings digitally. The process speeds up data collection and allows for instant viewing by supervisors after rounds are complete. Reports are now generated and data can be trended to help the teams predict and plan more efficiently. Midstream Operators have commented on how much better the rounds process is with LogBook Evident. They are now able to actually utilize the data they have been collecting and are using it to make the plant environment safer safer and more efficient. The ability to take pictures of issues has given the maintenance team better perspective for repairs and preventive measures. 

Power Generation Facility:

The Dilemma: Daily Operational notes were being collected on paper notebooks, then through word documents and emails. With data being scattered in numerous silos, communication was breaking down in several areas. 

Something To Be Thankful For: LogBook has empowered the team with a single point for operational notes taking. Shift to shift communication has now been strengthened significantly. Observations made on the previous shift can be marked as a turnover note to ensure that the oncoming operator does not miss critical information. This has helped to reduce downtime and increased operational awareness throughout the plant. The search feature has helped supervisors find specific notes on demand, saving hours of looking through three ring binders and notebooks for documentation of an event.

Remote Operations Center:

The Dilemma: A renewable energy company was struggling to keep track of notes and operational data at numerous locations in multiple states.There old methods of paper, phone calls and emails made record keeping difficult and frustrating. Switching to a digital system could prove to be a challenge since many of the team members were older and resistant to change

Something To Be Thankful For: The ROC manager set out to make advancements in communication for his team. We worked with him to create his log and templates as well as educate his team on various benefits that LogBook could bring. Within weeks, his team experienced increased communication that helped to prevent potential issues at the locations. Tracking issues and collaborating on solutions was now easy and overall efficiency was boosted. With the use of Carry Forward Notes, issues could be flagged and remain top of mind until they are resolved. Just having the ability to add comments on notes taken tremendously helped the team. With LogBook even compliance reporting was streamlined.

Stories like these are what drives us into the future. Knowing that we are building a product that is helping operators to be safer and more aware gives us the fuel to continue making LogBook the best digital logging platform available. Maybe you are still using paper, spreadsheets, sticky notes, or some makeshift system for your record keeping or inspection processes. Maybe you have been considering an upgrade to reduce confusion and enhance your team’s overall communication at the plant. We understand your pains and would love to help. Connect with us today and schedule a brief demo of a tool that is sure to heighten operational awareness and build better collaboration for you and your team.