Saying Goodbye Isn’t Easy

I admit that saying goodbye  to paper and spreadsheets for operational record keeping can be hard at times. We all get attached and letting go can bring anxiety and sometimes a little fear. It is mostly fear of what we think could happen. In many cases however, change can bring good things. I have become skilled in this art of separation and let me tell you, Everything is going to be alright…

Let go of the pain

Yet, another year is about to be in the books. And I want you to say Goodbye. Yes that’s right, say goodbye to piles of paper that you struggle to find information during shift handover. Say adios to those cumbersome spreadsheets that you have 2,227 versions of. It is time to let go of the pain and embrace something new. 

I am not asking much. Just that you let go of the past and take hold of the future. I have helped others switch to digital logs and I can most likely help you. People ask what is the cost? I ask what is the cost if you don’t? Poor documentation and communication is costing operations piles of money every year. It has even resulted in injury and even worse. Most managers who have not moved to a digital logging system know that they should, but they keep putting it off. If this is you, it’s 2022! This is your year!

I will leave you with this to consider:

Things To Consider

Easier Note Capture

No more messy and unreadable handwriting. Simply type it in or use a mobile device and speak it. Note taking has never been easier.

Customizable Form Builder

Create your own custom forms to capture the specific data you need for every situation in your operation. No coding required.

Find It Faster

No more digging through paper and spreadsheets to find partial data. The search notes feature helps you get what you need right before your eyes.

Build That Report

Make use of the data that is collected with reports. LogBook’s easy to use reporting tool helps bring things into focus. You can even trend your data instantaneously.

Get Notified

Don’t miss out on important information again. LogBook’s alerts and notifications keep you in the know even when you are away. 

Go Mobile

Stop dragging around a clipboard for rounds. With LogBook’s mobile app, you can easily capture your data with a mobile device and even take pictures and see past values. 

Make 2022 The Best Year Ever

There’s more to LogBook than just these gems. Schedule a free demo to learn more and let’s make 2022 your best year yet. Saying goodbye to paper logs may just be the best decision you will ever make!