Rough Year? 7 Things That Might Make 2021 Better

We can all agree that this year has been a little rough. Some things are beyond our control but there are actions we can take to make sure the days ahead are brighter. A new year is approaching and we have been listening to our customers and taking the initiative to provide solutions that empower them to be more successful through our software. 


Many managers are searching for tools to help them bring efficiency and awareness to their operations. So many of our current customers have provided us with feedback over the years that have helped us to create an extremely powerful tool that has made their operations run smoother and safer. Below are just a few of the things our customers have asked for and we have delivered.

7 Things That Our Customers

Have Told Us They Are Thankful For:

1. Mobile app: Our LogBook Evident Mobile app allows operators to collect their readings and rounds data with a phone or tablet. They can easily navigate to the specific template and even take pictures of events they witness during their inspections. You can even take notes when internet service is unavailable. Once you regain internet service you can then sync to LogBook. 

2. Template Builder: Plant managers love the ability to build and edit their templates on demand. No waiting around for the development team to code their forms. The template editor allows you to build and edit your templates when needed. There is even a copy and paste feature to make those large forms easier to build. You can also assign templates to specific users. 

3. Search: LogBook’s View Notes feature lets users search for notes by day, time range and even by specific terms and tags. Easily find past notes and inspections whenever you want. No more rummaging through notebooks and piles of paper to find what you need.

4. Reminders: Make sure that everyone is on task by setting daily, weekly, monthly or annual reminders. The scrolling Reminders display makes sure that the team remembers things that need to take place during the day.

5. Notifications: Plant managers can stay in the know with Alerts and notifications. Set triggers to send notifications when out of range or abnormal data is collected. This is used daily to strengthen communication and increase awareness.

6. Turnover & Carry Forward Notes: Keeping your shifts aware of noteworthy events and possible hazards is made easy with turnover notes. Operators must acknowledge the previous shifts turnover notes before signing into their shift. This ensures that critical information is passed from shift to shift.

7. Reports: Collecting data is extremely important but now what? LogBook’s reports tool allows you to build custom reports from all the data collected. Managers can use this tool to trend data to help make more informed decisions and create a more efficient workplace.

LogBook has many other tools and features that are all working together to help managers and operators build stronger teams with better communication. 

As mentioned before, the LogBook Team is listening. Our customer feedback is the fuel that keeps our product growing and more impactful in the many industries we serve.

We are thankful for our customer family and wish you and yours a safe and happy Thanksgiving season!

Interested in learning about how LogBook could help you? Contact us today! We would love to hear from you!