Say “Good-Bye”
to paper logs!

Electronic Logbook Software is Here

Eliminate paperwork and all of the clutter. LogBook is a better way to record shift notes, events, and inspections, digitally.



and all of the clutter!

with digital logbooks!



A better way to record

events, notes, and

inspections, digitally.


No special equipment needed. LogBook is securely hosted in the cloud.


Get Started in minutes. Make it your own with personalized templates.


Ironclad. LogBook is trusted by globally known companies.


LogBook is the perfect solution for managing shift work. Our cloud based system is much simpler to implement than bloated software packages that are too complicated to use. It has all of the tools that you need to make paper logs and spreadsheets a thing of the past.



Communication between shifts is vitally important. LogBook facilitates seamless communication, and it provides real-time access to supervisors and managers from anywhere in the world. Our system hits the sweet spot by providing all of the features that you need to operate your facility efficiently while maintaining a simple user interface.


The compliance burden on power generation and manufacturing facilities increases continually.  Establishing a standard for consistent log entries throughout your organization ensures that you are ready when it is time for an audit or an inspection.


LogBook enables you to establish standard shift-turnover processes.  This ensures that you have a documented chain of responsibility and that key operational details are reviewed by each new worker as they assume responsibility.


Curious? Let’s walk through LogBook and see if it is right for you. We are helping large and small operations create greater efficiencies and reduce risk with this easy to use system. Schedule your demo today.


“We have a fast paced manufacturing operation. LogBook keeps everyone on the same page and makes communicating critical details at shift turnover a breeze.”

— Auto Manufacturing Supervisor

“The ability to export/import tags from our ERP was a huge surprise. As a result we can now easily index log entries to equipment and areas of our facility. Nice feature!  The equipment hierarchies makes searching and reporting quick and easy.”

—  Facility Manager

“LogBook has transformed our operational logging.  Before LogBook, we were using paper logs that were cumbersome, took too much time to write-up and resulted in inconsistent entries and a horrible waste of time to search. We love it!”

—  Gas Turbine Plant Manager

“LogBook is making our plant better!”

—  Peaking Plant Manager

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