Walkdowns and rounds are simply easier and better with a good mobile inspection platform. The ability to include pictures and comments in context with various measurements and observations is invaluable. However, one question we often get from managers and supervisors is “how can I be sure that my operators are really going out into the field/facility and doing their rounds versus faking it?”

Like it or not, humans will be humans. We’ve commented on it before on our blog. Compliance fatigue is real. Face it, on a cold, rainy day, it’s only natural that people might not be enthusiastic about doing their rounds. But that doesn’t mean those rounds are any less important on those days. So, when you get right down to it, how can you gain confidence that people are doing what they are supposed to do?

This is another area where mobile inspection tools can help, and there are a number of ways to gain confidence that the job is truly being done. Here are three ways one can use metadata captured by a mobile inspection tool to gain confidence that your walkdowns/rounds are truly being done:

  1. The timeline – did the duration of the walkdown last an appropriate amount of time and were data capture elements sufficiently spread out during the inspection?
  2. The device location – did the device move around as expected during the walkdown?
  3. Code scanning – did the device scan codes (barcodes, QR-codes, NFC tags, RFID tags) during the inspection that indicate that the device was within a certain distance of each inspection checkpoint?

A good mobile inspection platform will offer managers and supervisors these insights into their inspection data.

At the end of the day, there’s a reason the walkdowns/rounds/inspections are to be done.  It could mean the difference in an avoiding an outage. It could also mean the difference between someone getting hurt or not. So, for the sake of all involved, accountability is actually a good thing.

If you aren’t sure whether your team is getting compliance fatigue or not, consider adopting a mobile inspection platform that can help ensure everyone is doing what they are supposed to do to promote the safety and operational efficiency of your facility.

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