NRECA TechAdvantage 2022

We recently had the pleasure of participating in the 2022 TechAdvantage Expo in Nashville, Tennessee. Energy professionals from around the country gathered to share knowledge and pick up new ideas that would help them grow their businesses. People were ready to get back to normal. Attendance was great and you could sense the enthusiasm as people were able to meet again in person.

The leaders of the event phrased the expo with this statement: “TechAdvantage is an event that demonstrates new ways to optimize your technology systems with cutting-edge solutions that will turn co-ops into strategic powerhouses. Identifying best practices and products that will help resolve engineering, IT, energy services, operations, supply management and business challenges by unlocking the power of innovation and collaboration. Participants have the opportunity to experience leading-edge strategies and best practices created to share and demonstrate advantages in science, technology and other industry areas that will benefit co-ops well into the 21st century.”

We had great conversations with leaders from every part of the country. Everyone seemed to have the same thing in mind. “What can we be doing better?” Managers and technicians from co-ops attend conferences like this one to connect with other professionals, see new products and services and learn from colleagues. They share their own knowledge and pick up tips from those that may have already experienced the challenges they are currently facing. It is a win-win for everyone. 

New technologies and services are emerging that empower teams to do more than ever before. LogBook is one of those critical tools that help to enhance communication and collaboration throughout any material operation. It is eliminating the need for paper and spreadsheets in many areas as teams strive to go paperless. With LogBook, teams are also able to capture images and attach them directly to their inspections and readings to provide better context for managers and maintenance staff.

What did we learn? We discovered that more and more people are coming to realize the importance of capturing operational notes and inspections digitally. They voiced their frustrations and complications with using paper to record events and take readings. Having the ability to trend their data and receive  alerts and notifications was also a hot topic. 

As digitization of plants and operations continues, more and more focus is placed on finding the right tools to implement. LogBook is being used in plants and operations across the country to raise operational awareness and enhance communications keeping operators safer and more informed.  

Sound Interesting?  Are you still using paper or spreadsheets to record your operational notes or capture inspection data? Click on the link below to schedule a chat to discuss how LogBook can help bring clarity to your operation.