3 Tips For a Safer Workplace

3 Tips For a Safer Workplace 

June is National Safety Month, but what does it mean to be safe? Generally, that means we have to abide by rules and regulations. At times I’m sure we have all broken a rule or two inside and outside of the workplace. Whether it be driving over the speed limit, not wearing steel toe boots or forgetting to wear a hardhat. Rules are designed to ensure we make it home to our loved ones at the end of the day. That’s what it takes to be safe! Since it is National Safety Month, I am going to give you 3 tips on how to ensure a safer workplace.

Documentation. Making sure to document “daily rounds or walk-downs” is a part of most if not every operation. Whether it be for audits or compliance reasons documentation is critical. That is why documentation needs to be as easy as possible for operators to complete every day. Unfortunately, documentation is usually sloppy and unorganized.  LogBook helps eliminate paper logs and spreadsheets which gets rid of messy handwriting, incomplete forms and mounds of paper lying around. LogBook then gives you the opportunity to use your data. So no more paper going to an empty box to never be used again! With the data you have collected you can then make reports and start trending. This helps your team feel fulfilled in documentation, and be more aware and conscious of the daily dynamics of your operation.  

Communication.Communication is a vital role for any operation because it increases efficiency, safety, and teamwork. Communication you would think to be an easy task, but for most can be easily forgotten and avoided altogether. An easy way to communicate in real time in your operations is with an electronic log such as LogBook. You are able to leave notes for the next shift or pin a note to the top to show importance to a significant event. This comes in handy when there are multiple shifts involved in operations. Some work environments may be extremely loud and very large. This makes it harder on your team to communicate important information. Having an electronic log in place that shows real time data entries cuts down on confusion and questions throughout the day. Producing a more efficient team!



Awareness. Proper awareness is a good mix between both communication and Documentation. Being alert on the job site plays a big role in staying safe. But what about reducing job site risk? By implementing an electronic log like LogBook in your operations it will reduce surprises and increase operational awareness. LogBook has the capability to send email notifications for an abnormal function or if something has not been recorded. This helps you be aware the second something takes place. Depending on the situation, taking action sooner rather than later could be life saving. As mentioned above, LogBook has dynamic report building and trending, this gives you the power to prevent any maintenance issues and increase job site safety.



Safety should always be top of mind, but in June it allows us to bring extra awareness. No matter if we are inside or outside of the work place we should always have safety top of mind. With the help of LogBook you and your team can be crushing your efficiency goals while staying safe! Get the best of both worlds!



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