Fires, Explosions, Injuries, Lawsuits – Avoiding Catastrophe In 2021

I have seen several news articles recently where incidents such as fires, explosions and injuries have occured at plants across the U.S. Every time that I see these posts, I am curious as to whether this could have been avoided or prevented. What caused this series of unfortunate events? 

In one of the most recent events, lawsuits have been filed against a company. The prosecuting attorney stated that…

 “This kind of catastrophe is never supposed to happen when large pipeline companies do what they’re supposed to do.”

If I were the defendant in this case, the question to ask then is “can we prove that we did what we were supposed to do? Is there documentation? Were the processes followed? Had we created a safe working environment? Can we prove we did the right thing?”

Accountability. It starts with a process. A process with a system in place that holds all parties involved to a standard. Unfortunately so many operations have insufficient or outdated processes where communication is delayed or is broken. The system crumbles and things begin to slip through the cracks. The cracks become problems and the problems produce catastrophic incidents.

Regardless of what industry that you are in, when humans are working with potentially hazardous materials or machines, procedures and communication is imperative. In order to keep accountability high, this communication has to be properly documented. Having a well conceived system where records are kept for events observed and actions taken will prevent or greatly reduce the chances of catastrophe. 

LogBook was developed to solve 4 key problems. Efficiency, Safety, Awareness, and Compliance. All of these hinge on clear communication and proper documentation. If you are looking for an easy to implement and easy-to-use operational logging and inspection platform, connect with us today. We will help you make 2021 a safer, more productive year.