Have you been dinged, yet? Odds are, you very well may be.

Last week, we were meeting with an existing client, demonstrating one of our latest product offerings.  They were extremely interested, which it not unusual, but they were more engaged than usual.  We learned why. They had recently been dinged by a compliance audit that found their visitor logs inadequate.  That means a monetary fine and a requirement to do something to correct the issue.

More and more, operations of material significance are facing increasing pressure to maintain better records about the visitors that enter and leave their premise.  Sometimes it’s just a good idea for business reasons. Sometimes a governing body mandates it.

Why all the fuss? Because the world has changed.  You know it.  Recently, I saw a quote that commented on an article about why bad things happen that said, “because humans will be humans.”  We believe in the best in people but we have to guard against the few that would offer less than the best.

Keeping better visitor records is also a matter of keeping your visitors safe.  When there’s an emergency, how will you quickly determine who is there – especially, who is there visiting that may not know the visual cues and sounds of an emergency condition?  A good visitor log will be complete and will include a current, today’s photo of the visitor, who their escort is, where they entered the facility and why they are visiting. And, it should be easy and quick to identify them.

So, improve your operation and add a digital visitor log to your suite of operating practices tools.  You’ll be safer, you’ll have better records and your operation will be better for it.

See what LogBook Sentinel and the entire LogBook suite of products can do for your facility today.