LogBook’s Carry Forward feature allows you to highlight specific notes that may need to stay top of mind for the team for a period of time until issues are resolved or corrective actions have been taken. 

In operations it’s not uncommon that an observed condition or temporary operating instruction may affect operational activities for a period of time.  Carry Forward Notes can help keep operators aware of such conditions until they end or are resolved by “carrying the note forward” until that carry forward condition is ended.  Don’t confuse “carry forward” with persistence. The term Carry Forward, here, means carrying the relevance or importance forward.

One of the simplest and most useful features in an operational log is a carry forward note. Here’s an explanation of what a carry forward note is and how it’s used.

There may be times when an issue arises that needs further attention or requires repairs to be performed. This could be a safety hazard or something that may be halting production. LogBook’ s carry forward feature allows you to bring attention to the note and even set a carry forward timeframe or it can be left open until all issues are addressed. 

rOnce the note has been set as a carry forward, It will be highlighted with a red bar and pinned to the top of all notes on the notes page. This will keep the note top of mind for the team. It will remain until the carry forward is removed or expires. 

Carry forward notes are used everyday in various operations around the country to keep situational awareness high and potentially hazardous events to a minimum through better communication. 

The carry forward feature is one of many ways LogBook is enhancing efficiency and safety throughout day to day operations. Want to learn more about how LogBook can help your team? Click Here!