7 Things To Love About Digital Logs

The first month of 2022 is behind us! If you have been considering moving away from paper logs and into a digital logging system, I have a list of benefits that just might send you over the edge and start you on a smoother path for operational note taking

Listen, we all know the many pains associated with the disorganization of paper. Unreadable handwriting, missing data, manual calculations, finding the right note when you need it. Most people would agree that even spreadsheets can also be a pain. even on their best day. You’ve considered breaking up with your old flames anyway, so here are 7 things to fall in love with about digital logs. 

7 Things To Love About Digital Logs

1. Simple To StartOne of the hardest things to do is to get started with something new. Most of the hesitation is due to fear of failure. Rest assured that you are not alone! Our LogBook team is here to help you through your journey from start to finish, every step of the way. We want our customers to be successful with our product. We can’t wait to start a conversation with you to discover your needs and objectives! We assist in building templates to make your notes easy to input and categorize, then we’ll show you how it’s done. We’re always just a call away whenever you may need us.

2. Easy to UseWill it be difficult for my team to use? This is always a question for managers. If it is hard to use or confusing, it will sit untouched. LogBook is designed with the end user in mind. We continually listened to customer feedback and created a simple and easy to navigate dashboard. Entering notes and inspections is smooth and seamless, and using your custom built templates in LogBook can make note entry even easier!

3. Readable NotesA problem that I have witnessed with my own teams in the past is trying to read other people’s handwriting. It can be frustrating to know that someone went to the trouble of recording notes only to find that they are unreadable, sometimes even for the person who wrote them. With a digital log, notes are not only easy to enter but easy to read. LogBook even takes advantage of your browser’s spell check, to help ensure that your notes say exactly what you mean.

4. Searchable Notes – Digging through piles of paper to find a specific note that was taken months ago can be nearly impossible. Even worse, imagine a note was taken a few years ago! In many cases, notes are stored away in boxes and then stacked in a closet with piles of other paper, or just completely disposed of. It is often so difficult to find things that most people don’t even try. The team is then left to memory or, even worse, guessing. LogBook has an excellent search feature that allows you to find notes quickly and painlessly. Now you can use that closet for something more useful.

5. Mobile InspectionsI remember observing an operator climbing a ladder with a laptop to do his daily walkdown. He had a spreadsheet where he made all his entries for his rounds. It was digital but was still cumbersome. LogBook’s mobile app allows operators to utilize mobile devices to collect rounds data easier and faster than traditional laptops. If they see something abnormal, they can even take a picture of it and append it to the data collected. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words! As soon as they complete their inspection they can sync it directly into LogBook for the team to see. Speed of information can be very helpful in regards to safety in a fast paced environment.

6. Team CollaborationI have seen numerous examples where communication has broken down and operators seemed to be tripping over each other. No one knew what anyone else was doing. What a mess! Communication is the key to success in any team, and a well informed team works better together. LogBook has mechanisms in place to ensure collaboration occurs easily and seamlessly. Operators can comment on notes and events that are recorded and notifications can be emailed in certain circumstances that you decide.

7. Reports and TrendingAnother frustration with recording any data with paper and pen is trying to build a report from it. Stop the madness! It’s time to go digital! Once the data is collected in LogBook, reports can be created to make sense of it and identify trends. Reports can be saved and shared with other team members too!

All of these benefits result in better communication, greater efficiency and higher accountability. Maybe your year has not been off to the best start. Let us help make it better with LogBook. Ditch those old paper forms and let’s go digital for 2022!

Sounds interesting? Visit trylogbook.com to learn more or send us any questions you may have!. Want a free demo of LogBook? Click here to schedule a time to chat. We can’t wait to get to work helping you!